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Monday, 10 June 2013

Recipe: Crushed Cannellini Bean and Garlic Soup

I really love soup, so much!  Make a pot once per week.  Enjoy it as a meal but also as a snack, it really appeals to my savoury tastes.  Quite often have a mug as a late night snack before bed.  So comforting the warmth and savoury saltiness of it.  Was known to drink veg stock cubes when I was younnger!
  This soup below is one I make quite often.  A big fan of beans in all of their forms, tinned beans are a cupboard staple and there is so much that can be done with them.  The canellini beans add a bit of creaminess to the soup and make it pretty filling.  The flavours make for a nice combination and it is a very fresh soup.  It is so quick to put together, no soaking or long boiling here!  In total takes just shy of 1/2 an hour to make.  Due to the brief cooking all of the flavours come out.  If possible it is best to use fresh herbs, the herbs in the soup are what makes it really.

Crushed Cannellini Bean and Garlic Soup

1 small tin of Cannellini Beans (300g)
2 Cloves of Garlic
1/2 White Onion or 1/2 Leek
2 Very Large Tomatoes
1 Stick of Celery or 1/2 Bulb of Fennel
A-few Sprigs of Fresh Rosemary
1 Veg Stock Cube
Selection of fresh/dried herbs- fennel, dill, lovage, sage, thyme and parsley all work very well in this
Black Pepper (as much as you like)

1- Drain and rinse beans and place into bowl, lightly mash ensuring that you keep some whole.
2- Prepare veg. Dice up tomatoes, onions celery into small pieces.  Or very thin slices cut at an angle if you want a bit more texture in soup.
3- In a warm pot place in the veg and allow to caramelise, adding water if needed.
4- Crush garlic and add in, followed by the rosemary. If using celery the leaves are full of flavour and similarily with the fronds of fennel on bulb.
5- Pour over veg stock made as instructed, should be approx 300ml's of liquid per cube if using knorr.

6- Next add the beans, taste for seasoning and allow to heat through

7- Ready to serve after 15 mins on the heat. Recipe is enough for two and is easily expanded.

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