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Friday, 7 June 2013

Feeling Saucy- Stir Fry Sauce Reviews

A fail safe and a regular meal, fast, simple, easy and tasty.  Probably eat this at least 3 times per week therefore it is important to vary it with different veg and sauces!  I often have a simple stir fry just with soy, fresh ginger, chilli and garlic.  Also make a peanut satay sort of sauce with peanut butter and if I am really lazy just add lashings of sweet chilli sauce.  In this post will share some of my favourite sauces on the shelves of the trusty old supermarkets.

Blue Dragon Spicy Szechuan Tomato

A delicious and tangy sauce.  I never before associated tomatoes with Asian food.  Was quite sceptical when trying it for the first time.  The sauce is lovely.  It is spicy and has a sweet peppery flavour, the tomato comes through too.  The sauce is slightly sweet but well balanced out with the addition of rice vinegar.  Ginger and garlic also come through fairly strongly.  The sauce is full of flavour and my absolute favourite stir fry sauce.

Blue Dragon Premium Sticky Plum 

Sticky is truly the right word for this one, it has a pleasant syrupy consistency.  It is full of fruity flavour.  It is fairly sweet but not too much so.  It is gently balanced with a slightly sour edge and fragrant ginger.  One of the most common choices from the Chinese take-away is Duck pancakes with plum sauce.  With this sauce from Blue Dragon it is possible to re-create that favourite dish at home.

M&S Sweet Soy, Ginger and Garlic

This sauce has a wonderfully savoury taste from the soy.  It is balanced with a sweetness and spiciness coming from the ginger.  It is a pretty garlicky sauce, so those who aren't fans of it would likely struggle with this.  Marks and Spencer have an impressive and tasty selection of fresh stir fry  sauces.  The store often runs a special promotion deal that includes sauce, veg and noodles.  Believe they also do a deal to include meat, such as strips of pork, chicken or beef.  The non-meat, meal deal is good for me and the packs of stir fry veg are so bright and inviting.  Packs contain colourful, exotic and unusual veg combinations.

Sharwood's Sweet & Sour

I tend to buy the sachets most often.  Of all sweet and sour sauces tried, this is by  far the nicest, not too sweet, very tangy an has a nice flavour.  Have found other sweet and sour sauces to have an artificial taste to them or that they are too sweet.  This sauce is fairly colourful with the addition of pepper and pineapple.  Also in it are small cubes of water chestnuts, those add a lovely texture to it and is a big thumbs up from me.  Compared to other stir fry sauces it is full of flavour, the ginger in particular makes it much more interesting.  If you love spice, Sharwood's Kung Po is similar to a sweet and sour sauce but spicy.

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