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Monday, 17 June 2013

Berrylicious Summer Puds To Look Out For and Fruity Sorbets

Being honest I am not really a pudding person, do love to make them though!  Family are big sweets fans and growing up tea wasn't tea unless there was a pudding.  Nod to Dad there and his traditional upbringing!  Have found my families favourite puds during the summer are those containing beautiful British berries and naturally laden with lashings of cream!  Whether they be berry tarts, mousses, fools, sponges or simple strawberries and cream.  This post is to share some of the berry puds that have caught my eye around the supermarkets.  In the garden, my Dad has always grown his own berries. Memories from childhood, of time spent picking bowl fulls of berries or sneaking under the strawberry net for te plump juicy berries.  Berries he grew, included raspberries, red currants, blackberries, blackcurrants and gooseberries.  Would totally lose track of time when out picking the fruit and would then, sit cross legged on the grass with my sister topping and tailing or sorting berries in some other way.  Favourites were the red currants, stunningly beautiful to look at like red jewels on a string.  Gorgeous the way they hung from the bushes and caught the light. 

I have a really sore throat at the mo and am finding sorbet to be very soothing.  Enjoy sorbet but something I don't buy that often.  It is so refreshing and tangy, easy to make as well.  Whilst away with family had a lemon sorbet with fresh fruit salad and the combo was lovely.  Recently, to satisfy my sour tastes had fresh pineapple with mango sorbet and a generous squeeze of fresh lime- delish.  Have found some really good recipes for it and it is definitely something I'll look to make over the course of the summer.  A fragrant one made with lemongrass and citrus sounds particularly appealing.

Asda Extra Special Raspberry & Vanilla Panacotta (Chilled)- £4

An impressive looking dessert, it is a terrine with a clear red top and  creamy looking panacotta on the bottom.  The panacotta layer has visible flecks of vanilla seeds through it.  The jelly layer is full of juicy and plump looking whole raspberries. It is a generous and grand looking dessert and would be ideal for sharing with family and even for a special occasion. 

 Tesco Finest Tarte Aux Framboises (Frozen)- £3

I remember buying and bringing this dessert home for family to enjoy.  It is a really attractive looking dessert, the surface of the tart has a lovely shiny glaze and the pastry is golden brown.  It provides six generous servings per tart.  It tastes very fresh for being a frozen dessert.  The raspberries are full of flavour, zing and juice.  The pastry is crisp, thin and buttery.  There is a little jammy like layer followed by pure fruit.  There is no almond cream or sponge in it, it is simply a fruit tart.  Therefore it is not too unhealthy. 

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Berry Meingue Roulade (Frozen)- £4

Marshmallowy meringue, cream, zingy whole berries and a berry compote- match made in heaven.  This dessert not only gets a big tick for taste but one for appearance too.  My Granny, Aunt and Mum were around visiting at short notice on their way home from visiting other relations.  They popped in for tea as where I live is conveniently on route to their heading home.  Bought this in the newly opened Sainsbury's as due to work and time I wasn't able to make something homemade.  Pavolva's are always a winner with my Gran, so she certainly was the influence in the purchase.  Served it with some extra raspberries and it went down very well.  My sweet toothed Gran having sizeable seconds!  The roulades meringue is lovely and crisp, giving it a cracked look on the outside.  There is a chewiness to it too.  Have found sometimes, with desserts like these, that there is a lack of sauce.  Certainly not the case with this, plenty and full of berry flavour- the pop of the whole berries within made a very nice addition.

 M Bistro Strawberry and Cream Pots (Fresh)- £1.60 for 2

These lovely looking little puddings come in their own little glass ramekin which are great to re-use.  They also make them a perfect pudding to transport and is one my friend and I took with us for a picnic by the river.  The cream layer is quite rich but not too sweet.  In the bottom is a sticky, delicious and fruity strawberry compote.  It really is the taste of strawberries and cream in a glass.  The taste of vanilla provides a pleasant background flavour.




This is a lovely and soft sorbet.  It is so smooth, with no grains of ice at all.  It seems to just melt in the mouth.  The raspberry flavour is slightly tart and pure.  Indicated on the tub is that raspberry puree is used and you get such a strong, true flavour of the delicious berry come through.  No artificial taste at all.  It is quite sweet so you don't need too much of it.  I enjoy this served with fresh fruit.  Sister and I tried some with fizzy wine poured over it and it was actually very nice!

This sorbet looks brilliant, the bright yellow and green of the packaging really stood out on the freezer shelf.  It is so lemony that it brings your cheeks together in a nice way!  It is a bit sour but not too much.  There is a slight background of bitterness which I do enjoy but it may not be to everyone's taste.  All in all it is a very fresh and zingy sorbet.  Great on its own or as part of a refreshing dessert.  Makes a good low calorie alternative to ice cream and is also ideal for those who are lactose intolerant.

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