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Monday, 25 March 2013

Chocolate Mini Egg Review

There is quite a range of mini eggs available and sold in the UK's shops.  They are a real favourite of mine.  The type of eggs I will be reviewing in this blog are chocolate ones in a crisp sugar shell.  I thought that I would share my thoughts on the eggs that I've tried over the years.  All of these are widely available.
  I would be interested to hear from anyone regarding their own favourites, special Easter plans or any varieties local to you or that you may have come across.  Happy Easter in advance and may it be sweet!

Cadbury Mini Eggs

The classic mini egg.  The Cadbury version are the original and for many the best.  I must admit that I am very partial.  These eggs are the perfect size with a perfect coating, not too thick or thin.  The interior is Cadbury chocolate and for some reason to me it is the taste of easter (that type of choc).  Perhaps it is due to it being the commonmost Easter egg choc.  The yellow eggs have a slightly different taste to the others, which is very nice.  You can buy them in a single serve packet in the form of a small cardboard box, the size pictured-100g in size and are available in a larger 360g pack.  I also remember them being sold in tubes but haven't seen any this year.  They are often on offer at £1 for a 100g bag which is very good, Morrisons have an offer of 2 for £2 at the moment.

Milkybar Mini Eggs

It makes a nice change to have white chocolate eggs.  Milkybar very much reminds me of my childhood, back then sweets were a rare treat.  These are probably my favourite eggs.  They are very sweet so you don't want to eat too many.  Some people find white chocolate to be too sickly, that coupled with the sugary shell might be too much for some.  The sugar shell is very crisp and flavoursome.  The eggs themselves are small, slightly chunky and a shiny pale yellow colour.  They look very pretty in a net/cellophane bag or with an assortment of eggs as a gift.  I particularly like sooking these and allowing them to melt in my mouth!  The only downside is the childish packaging, but as they are the target audience no complaints there!  Similar to the cadbury eggs these come in 100g bags and often come in at £1, they are available on a 2 for £2 mix and match deal at Morrisons.

Aldi Chocolate Eggs

Very good value for money.  A 90g bag costs just 59p.  It is worth dropping into Aldi at the moment, they have a beautiful range in for Easter including plants, flowers and crafty things to do.  As the chill is set to continue it may be helpful to have plenty of indoors things to do for the kids.  I really like these eggs.  Not too sweet and they have a nice taste.  The shell is much thinner than on the Cadbury eggs and I actually prefer that.  The chocolate is not the best quality but it still tastes good to me.  It is pretty creamy but doesn't melt in the same way as other chocolates.  The eggs themselves are brightly coloured, lovely pastel pinks, yellows, blues and white.  Also like the packaging, it is very simple.  As they are the cheapest, it could be well worthwhile if needing to buy in bulk to purchase these. 

Marks and Spencer Chocolate Eggs 

Marks and Spencers sweetly named "Chicky Choccy" eggs are lovely.  The eggs themselves are pretty big, much larger than a mini egg.  Personally I would prefer if they were smaller.  These eggs come in a beautifully decorated green bag- it is quite hard to see all the detail on the image posted.  The eggs themselves are shiny, bright in colour and speckled.  You can really taste the quality of the chocolate inside.  The chocolate is lovely and I think that I am right in saying, Belgian.  A little goes along way and you can't eat too many at a time or that might just be me!  Did find the shell of the eggs to be a bit too thick.  That coupled with their size definitely marks them down for me.  The bags come in various sizes.  You can buy an individual bag, a 100g bag and a 210g bag.  My sister bought me them as a gift for my birthday so I'm really not sure on the price.

Smarties Eggs

It has been a little time since I had these eggs.  They are brightly coloured and super shiny.  They come in  the standard smarties colours.  Just like smarties in their taste, the orange are orangey in flavour.  These are quite chunky eggs, not too much larger than a Cadbury mini egg.  The interior is Nestle chocolate, which for my tastes isn't as tasty as other chocolates.  It has more of a waxy quality to it and doesn't melt as well.  These eggs still taste very nice though.  Really like the bright and colourful packaging.  The nature scene on the front of the bags really appeals to me.  100g sized bag and are often found for £1, they are included in Morrisons mix and match deal.


Tesco Micro Mini Eggs

 If cute is an alright description for a food item, it is one that applies to these tiny wee eggs from Tesco.  It i not just the eggs that are, but the bag too.  The sky blue pack with a patterned flower, little chicks and a bright sun conjures up images of Spring.  The eggs themselves are very nice.  They are pale and multi-coloured with a little bit of speckling.  The ratio of shell to egg is a little off and would prefer if they had a little more chocolate.  The wee eggs are great as they are but are fantastic used to decorate your Easter themed baking- whether it be a cake, biscuits, a chocolate log etc...  Great for little hands too, both in the decorating and eating.  They come in a 150g bag, I recall them costing £1.29 but that might have changed.


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