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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Veggie Fruity Sweet Review

Have not posted for a little while.  I am in the process of making some changes to this blog and adding a new one.  Decided to create a blog dedicated entirely to the football side of things, whilst on this keeping with the themes of reviews, books, films, food and that sort of thing.  The process is a bit of a pain in the arse, how I wish that the posts could be moved individually via the dashboard as I have so many drafts.  Alas!  Been seeking out some new sweeties recently and thought that I would share my thoughts.

Veggie Friendly Jelly Sweet Reviews

I am more of a chocolate person but an occasional fruity sweet is always good.  It isn't  easy to find veggie friendly options due to the addition of gelatine.  Always on the lookout for new and exciting looking products.

M&S Veggie Percy Pigs

How often had I heard how wonderful Percy Pigs were?!  Family and friends would harp on about them and admit how tasty and addictive these were.  Last year (or perhaps a bit longer ago), I was delighted to see that M&S launched Percy Pigs that were gelatine free.  At last  I was able to see what all the fuss was about, or should I say taste!  My sister also tried them and said that they were a bit harder than the standard ones and that actually made them nicer.  Really like the grape, cherry and raspberry flavour of the sweets, it is quite a unique taste- good though!  They are softish gums, refreshing with a fairly light texture.  The pack size is very generous.  They are priced at £1.89 per bag and are often on at 2 packs for £2.50 (mix and match).  As well as the Percy Pigs a sweet called Colin Caterpillars also come in veggie versions.

Rowntrees Jelly Tots

These were always a childhood favourite and this love has followed into my adult life.  Very surprising that they are indeed veggie.  The tiny little drops are sugar coated and oh so fruity.  Lovely flavour, the citrus ones- lemon, lime and orange are particularly mouth-watering and tangy.  Other flavours include strawberry and blackcurrant.  These are very refreshing and quite addictive.  They also make a nice decoration for a plain iced sponge or fairy cakes.  Found that the sharing bags vary in price from shop to shop, when I bought them they were on special offer at £1 in Morrisons.

Katejs Better Bunny (Tesco)

Believe that these are a German sweets and are a new one to me.  They are also a very recent product in my local Tesco, having only spotted them this year.  They have pulled a bit of a fast one it appears and are very similar to Percy Pigs.  The flavour is a little different- apple and elderflower.  Very nice and fresh tasting, these are certainly fruity.  Found the gums to be tasty and will most certainly buy again.  Even though they are made without gelatine they aren't too soft as veggie sweets are often accused, therefore anyone would enjoy.  It is a pity that more from the Katej's range isn't available to buy in UK stores.  Would really love to try some of their other varieties.  Though not a fan of liquorice, they offer an impressive range of liquorice sweets too.  The better bunnies are very cute, yummy and with Easter around the corner would make a nice themed treat.  Priced at £1.48 per bag they are only slightly cheaper than M&S Percy Pigs.

Goody Good Stuff

 These quirky looking sweets are super cute.  Really love the packaging.  They come in small, handy 100g bags and in a array of flavour varieties.  Range includes- cheery cherries, koala gummy bears, summer peaches, sour mix, strawberry cream, cola breeze and sour fruit salad.  So far I have only tried the ones pictured, tropical fruit in flavour.  These were delicious and very fruity, really interesting flavours.  Their texture was nice too, the right balance between soft and hard.  Lovely and chewy.  They didn't have an oily exterior either, which I have seen/felt on other jelly type sweets (ahem haribo).  Bought these in Holland and Barrett.  On a recent shopping trip to Asda I spotted that they were stocking them, well worth looking out for if your are in.  They were even on special offer when I went in, selling for half price in March.  They are also suitable for vegans and made from completely natural ingredients.  Priced at £1.49 per pack.


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