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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Treats That Rocked Your Ten Year Old World

* Fizzy jerks from the vending machine at the swimming pool

* Astros being the coolest of sweets

* Cool Polo varieties- Citrus Sharp, Gummy, Spearmint, Fruit and Polo O's spring to mind

* 10p crisps in all of their maizy goodness

* The joy of getting a toy/token or something in your cereal or crisps. Is my imagination getting the better of me or were Disco crisps that you kiss really a thing?  Tongue dying crisps were

* Crisp sandwiches for lunch

* When you found a chewy Malteser in your pack

* Fruity ice lollies- Fruit Pastille, Calippo, Zooms, Twisters and those Frozen Alphabet Letters

* Harry Potter themed sweets

* Woolworths pick 'n' mix

* Opal fruits being so much better than Starburst, lemon and lime were separate for a start

* Impressing friends with an old school version of the cinnamon challenge involving how many Atomic Fireballs you could keep in your mouth at once

* Smartie Cookies coming onto the scene

* Eating chew bars (Irn-Bru, Wham, Lanky Larry's and Blue Rave) in secret as your Mum hated you eating them. On a similar note, the equally discouraged bags of Swizzels Mix

* The incredible Caterpillar Cake

* Mum always buying too many treats for the guisers at Halloween- yey!

I hope that I have succeeded in stirring some memories. What were your favourite treats growing up?

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