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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Fabulous Fresh Soups

In supermarket chillers are an array of fresh soups flavours, brands and varieties to chose from.  Soup is one of my very favourite things and would rather have a mug of it than a chocolate bar as a snack more often than not!  Do make homemade soups often but store bought soups are so handy.  Thought I'd do a post to share some of my favourites.

Marks and Spencer Spicy Lentil Soup

A lovely thick soup, packed full of flavour, chunky veg and of course lentils.  Pleasantly spiced, it is very warming with a nice tomatoey base.  It is a very thick soup and found it needed to be watered down just a little.  It is spicy without being hot, the spices used are warming ones such as cumin and they come through well.  You always know that you will get quality from M&S and this certainly did not disappoint.

Co-Operative Truly Irresistable Tomato and Lentil Soup

One of my very favourite soups.  Is one I associate with home as back there it is our main supermarket and something Mum/Dad always have in for me!  It is part of their truly irresistible range and has a lovely rich tomatoey flavour.  A big variety of veg adds so much flavour and texture, as does the addition of two different types of lentils- red and puy.  Loved the garlic flavour to it and the slight spice that comes from chilli and cumin.  Roasted pepper is also a dominant flavour and adds a lovely sweetness to the soup.

Glorious Skinny Soups New England Butternut Squash

A mild and light smooth soup.  It has a lovely flavour and is rather unusual with the addition of mango.  The fruity flavour is very much a background one but it is lovely all the same.  This is a surprisingly creamy soup, especially since there is no cream added.  I am a bit fussy when it comes to that, so always avoid things with added milk/cream, don't like them and automatically associate them with being unhealthy!  The Glorious Soup range has been available for a couple of years now and has an impressive range, aware of Morrisons and Asda stocking it.  In the former it often appears on special offer of £1 per pot.  Grabbed my attention the packaging and look of the soup.  It is very low in calorie and with that still manages to be filling and satisfying.  As with many lower fat products the flavours aren't really strong.  Personally like that about it, the subtlety means that you are able to taste all of the flavours better.  With its root veg and vibrant colour is a real autumnal soup.

New Covent Garden Moroccan Tagine Soup 

This is probably the first brand most think of when it comes to chilled soup.  A very cool and luxury company, their soups are delicious, made with the freshest of ingredients and to a high standard.  Soups releases fit in with the seasons, events and what produce is in season at a particular time in the country.  They have such an impressive range and are regularly expanding it.  Their limited edition soups of the month are worth looking out for.  I could, easily have reviewed any number of their soups and am happy to say I've slurped my way through many of them!  Highlights have included: Green Lentil and Tomato, Squash and Black Bean and Chunky Root Veg Medley.  An excellent blogger of the blog, A2K amazingly had her own soup recipe put into production by the company.  Check out her blogpost here- Post.  It was unfortunately only available for a limited time.  A delicious Squash and Black Bean Soup with Jalapeño she shared her recipe thankfully (Recipe).
The Moroccan Tagine soup is really delicious, very warming, thick and packed full of flavour.  I particularly like the giant chickpeas which appear in this.  The description below is what appears on the pack, really enticed me!  It does sound very sweet with those ingredients but it isn't the case at all, it is very pleasant and think the spices probably took an edge of the sweetness to a degree.  It is also a tomato based soup and has plenty of chunky veg in it.
  "Our cooks combined a ras-el-hanout spice blend with sweet pomegranate molasses, honey and the satisfying bite of chickpeas, sweet potatoes and lentils, to create their very own bowl of Moroccan memories."

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