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Sunday, 4 October 2015

New Interesting Product Finds


It has been, quite a lengthy absence from blogging.  Indeed this blog has had many guises and much varied content from football to books to films.  It was rather mixed up, much like myself.  I had always wanted to have an exclusively food blog but really enjoyed writing about other things, namely books.

Now that I have acquired a camera, I will be able to use this as a place to share food product reviews.  I am a vegetarian, though may have non-veggie products featuring now and again that look interesting (will mention gelatine etc if it appears).  Brother is really into new products and has a real sweet tooth, often seek out things for him.  I am pretty healthy but like treats now and again.  Really attracted to the unusual, lovely packaging and seasonal specials.  I love food from all over the world and very much enjoy baking and cooking.  Have an unhealthy love for condiments:- sauces, dressings and chutneys of any kind.  So there'll probably be a fair few of those posted!

Lidl Sriracha Sauce Sauce

A new and interesting find.  Siracha Sauce seemed to be all the rage for a-while.  As ever and as an avid condiment fan, I certainly sought it out.  I had so far only tried an unknown brand bought in a Chinese supermarket.  However, I was delighted to find this sauce in my local Lidl store.  Possibly a remnant from a recent Asian week special.  I am uncertain whether thus will be a regular product.  So much from Lidl can appear just once due to a particular promotion, often never to be seen again.

I was pleasantly surprised due to just how flavoursome the sauce is.  It is not too overpowering in the heat stakes.  It has quite a rich tomatey flavour and is rather salty too which I enjoyed.  It is excellent as a dipping sauce and makes a delicious dressing too (with lemon zest and five spice).  The only fault I'd really pick is that there wasn't much of a twang from vinegar.  I associate that with being a  fairly important aspect of Sriracha.  However that is very mild criticism indeed and it really is quite a delicious product.

Lidl, Scandinavian Week- Almond and Chocolate Pastries (biscuits)

Another special promotion product this time from Scandinavian week.  Bought these lovely looking biscuits at the start of the promotion week three weeks ago.  My local store seemed to have rakes ordered in. Thought they looked so very tempting.  I bought these for my Mum to take home to her when visiting.  They went down well with a cup of tea.  She said that they were fresh tasting, quite homemade like and had a  strong, natural almond flavour.  I will have to take her word as I am not a fan of that flavour, they did look good though.  Crescent shaped, topped with toasted almonds and the ends were dipped in dark chocolate.

Lidl, Scandinavian Week- Hazelnut and Chocolate Pastries (biscuits)

These hazelnut biscuits look rather like compacted flapjacks.  Thought they were also pretty unique, had never come across anything like them before.  It is a winning combination, hazelnut and chocolate.  A light, soft baked biscuit style treat.  Found these to be very moreish and full of flavour.  They have a homemade look about them, they are an unusual  oblong type shape and their base is dipped in dark chocolate.  Though not a coffee drinker myself, could really see that pairing working.

Blue Dragon Massaman Curry Paste (Tesco)

A curry lover, I'm always on the lookout for the new and interesting.  I do enjoy making curries from scratch; but cooking for one- sometimes convenience is the only order, especially when you are feeling tired.   This paste looked really attractive, it was the packaging that initially drew my eye. It is a regular meal choice, therefore I am always seeking out new sauces to try.  Have heard of but never tried- Massaman curry.  It is a richly spiced sauce of Malay origin and is most commonly served containing beef, potatoes and peanuts.

Very simple to use, all you need to do is  to heat and add in vegetables, meat or fish of your choice.  Follow that with coconut milk.  Though not what instructed, I added in tomato sauce from a jar as I prefer tomato based curries.  I don't like creamy things.  It was very tasty and flavoursome.  Liked that it was not oily or greasy, find sometimes these paste sort of things are.  Has an array of flavours including lemongrass, kaffir lime and galangal.  Veggie and vegan friendly, no shellfish used. 

Blue Dragon Cantonese Style Stir Fry Sauce (Tesco)

The go to and fails safe meal.  It is a twice (at least!) weekly thing to have stir fry, so quick and easy.  Cheap too.  Really enjoy that as a meal as there is so much that you can do with it.    As it is such a regular choice, find that it is important to keep seeking out new flavours and brands of sauce.  As with the curry paste it was the packaging which drew me in.    A beautiful blue colour, the package design is highly detailed and artistic. The product itself, I enjoyed just last night.  Had it with buckwheat noodles, broccoli, peppers, sugar-snap peas, spring onion and carrot.  The Sauce was full of flavour, slightly spicy and also aromatic due to the addition of Chinese five spice.  It was enjoyable as it was, was not necessary to add any extra flavour which can frequently be the case.

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