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Friday, 20 September 2013

Currying The Flavour- Sauce Reviews

I do love a good curry.  You can get a bit overwhelmed going into the supermarket and being met with such a wide variety of choices.  Be these brands or varieties, you can go Indian, Chinese, Thai or Caribbean the shelves stock them all!  My own tastes, when it comes to curry are that I like them quite spicy but not taste bud numbingly so.  Much prefer tomato based curries, lighter type sauces and those with a-lot of onion and aromats.  Find that I often need to add extra spices to curries as they can be a little bland from the jar.  In this post I'll share some of my favourites.  Only issue with supermarket available sauces is how oily they can be.

Loyd Grossman Dopiaza Curry Sauce
His brand, that has his name as its seal of approval.  Lloyd Grossman has a range of Italian, Indian and Thai sauces available and sold in most supermarkets.  His Dopiaza curry sauce is probably my favourite.  It is a delicious, light sauce that is full of flavour.  It is quite subtle, meaning that  you can appreciate individual spices and flavours.  It is not terribly thick and it is especially delicious for being so abundant in onion, these also give it a nice texture. 

Sharwood's Balti

Sharwood's jarred Asian sauces have an extensive range which are sold in all British supermarkets.  It is a well known and high quality brand.  The jars as pictured above are generous in size, good value for money and often feature in rolling supermarket special offers.  I have tried a-few in their curry sauce range and this one is my preferred.  The Balti sauce is aromatic and flavoursome.  The sauce is light and contains more veg than jarred curries tend to.  There are plenty of onions, which give the curry a slight sweetness and also delicious roasted pepper.  It is tomato based, well balanced with the flavour of ginger, garlic, cumin and ground coriander. 

Levi Root Reggae Caribbean Curry Cooking Sauce

Something a little different.  I like the thought of and flavours of Caribbean and soul food.  It is especially appealing due to the heat, spice and vibrancy of their food- hope to cook that style of food more often.  It was an alright sauce, felt that it lacked a bit of flavour.  Expected it to have more Caribbean spice and it to be a fruity curry- with perhaps some coconut in there too.  It was a touch on the mild side but as you can add extra chilli it isn't a problem and means it is suitable for kids and those who prefer less spicy foods.  The sauce itself is smooth and fairly light, the predominant flavour is thyme.  I love the packaging of all of his range, it is really bright and colourful.  Levi Roots cookery show on the BBC was recently repeated, having not seen it the first time round it was very interesting- particularly the part about ital cookery.

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