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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Food & Drinks Review

Festive Fancies

Apple Glühwein Aldi

Best served warm and the ideal tonic when jack frost starts nipping!   This was a one of released in November.  It is a shame, as I would have liked to buy some for the family.   The Perth store is not due to get more in but other regions are said to have it in stock. It is a light fruity mulled drink with the festive flavours of clove and cinnamon.  The drink was very pleasant and drinkable, the flavour of cinnamon especially strong.  It also had a lemony and apple flavour to it too.  A great price at £2.99 per 1ltr bottle.  Interestingly, read online that we are absolutely robbed in this country by both  Aldi and Lidl who charge us a great deal more for their standard Mulled Wine than it costs in Germany.  The bottles of these are beautiful, have tried the traditional mulled wine from Lidl and it too is very nice.  As is the label of the bottle it comes in.

Crabbies Ginger Beer

A delicious spicy drink that my family usually has in the house for Christmas eve and Hogmanay.  It has a fizzy ginger hit.  It is very nice with lots of ice, a slice and a squeeze of lime.  Am quite interested to try the Crabbies Orange Ginger beer that is being advertised, don't think it'll be as nice as this one though.

Morrisons Chocolate Orange Candy Cane Bread

Morrison's are stocking a range of very tempting baked delights.  The Candy Cane bread was particularly eye catching and I was lucky to grab a free sample when it was launched last month.  It is an attractive plaited sweet bread, the surface of it is studded with sugar crystals.  Find it very good value at £2.  The bread itself is a light orange colour, twisted in with a darker brown.  Chunks of chocolate are visible in the lighter part.  The bread as soon as you approach in store, you can smell its aroma. and. It is lovely and soft inside with a slightly crusty outer layer.  It is orangey and so festive looking.  Would make a great Christmas breakfast and can also be served warm (can imagine that being pleasant with the melting choc, yum!).  Will add own image when I purchase some to take home, just hope that it doesn't sell out!

Britvic Apple, Raspberry and Cranberry

A sparkling fruit drink with a festive addition of cranberry.  It is lightly sparkling and very fresh and fruity.  I found this drink to be refreshing and as it is a light gentler drink it would be nice drank between glasses of sparkling wine/champagne!  These fruity bubbles would also make a sophisticated drink for non-drinkers/children and is a-lot like Schloer.
Princes Marshmallow Snowmen

Spotted and purchased in Lidl, these very cute marshmallows feel very soft through the pack.  They have smiling faces and scarves.  A nice alternative sweetie for those who do not like or are sick of chocolate.  These are going into a hamper of treats I am making up for my Granny.  I am reviewing them from aesthetics only as they contain gelatine.  That aside, I am sure they are very nice as they are a very popular brand.
Marks and Spencer Tasty White Forest Clusters 125g

Marks and Spencer White Forest Clusters

Marks and Spencer have a beautiful range of festive sweet treats.  Currently their 125g bags of treats are on offer at half price.  The selection boasts- broken toffee pieces,  golden crunchy chocolate coated honeycomb, fudge pieces and mint chocolate twigs.  All of these are packaged very attractively in Christmas colours and with a robin on the front.  Also catching the eye, were the beautiful chocolate praline cones that are brushed with gold and silver.  I have only tried the white forest clusters and was impressed.  A generous bag, these treats contain pretzels, morello cherries and cranberries enrobed in delicious white chocolate.  The contrast of the salty pretzel with the sweet white chocolate and fruit is delicious. 

Do hope that whoever reads this has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  All the best for 2013!

* Images used not my own, except for the marshmallows.  Intend to add own where I can.  If any issue with these images provided from google and copyright reasons please contact and I will take them down.


  1. I love this, such a fantastic round up and all great finds. I don't go to Morrisons very often but I'm going to have to see if I can get some of the Candy Cane bread!

    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you too!

    1. Thanks! Seen on your blog that you reviewed the candy cane bread, it really is very tasty and moreish! Morrisons had some fantastic things for Christmas. Really hope that you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes.