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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Vice Versas Back & Other Nostalgic Discontinued Sweet Favourites

Whilst browsing supermarket websites to discover which had the best deals going, stumbled upon an old favourite.  Vice Versa's are back!!  A delicious sweet similar to a minstrel but rounder and a little chunkier.  These delights are white and black, the white shell contains a milk chocolate centre and the dark white.  Nestle re-released due to popular demand and are set for general release next month, currently only aware of Asda and strangely Toys R Us stocking them.

Crispy chocolate astros in a medley of colours.  A firm favourite due to a combined love of chocolate and interest in space.  They had a sugar shell and inside was a ball a bit like a malteser but more crispy- this was coated in chocolate.  Whilst on a primary school farm trip, won a box of these for correctly guessing the number of bales in the fileld.  Day equally memorable due to teacher who stupidly donned her inches high bright yellow wedges.  A hilarious sight it was for the whole class of ten yearolds to see her attempts at walking, dodging cowpats and to see her fall over- charming! 

Remember buying a packet of these near enough every week from the vending machine at the swimming pool.  I used to swim for the Aberfeldy Sharks in a fetching and sexy green cap.  This involved a journey every week to training/lessons on a very twisty road.  These were my travel sick prevention plan!  They were very tasty, fruity sour and had a slightly powdery exterior.  Refreshing flavours and think the lime was my favourite.

Remember a peiod in which there was a regular new version of Polo's released including a gummy version, polo holes and butter mint amongst others.   Only the original, fruit and spearmint are still available in UK shops.  I loved the citrus sharp lemon and lime flavoured tinglers, they had a really unique flavour.

Now, Mars Celebrations just aren't the same without the Truffle one!  From the Christmas boxes of chocolates those tended to be the ones that got snaffled first.  Pure chocolate heaven.  A hard chocolate outer layer and a smooth melting truffle interior.  Best savoured by splitting in half and sooked!

 -  Anyone have any sweets they remember and miss? 

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