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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

First Post and Introduction

Hello, I am new to blogging.  I have enjoyed reading other peoples blogs for a long time and finally decided to take the plunge and go for it  myself.  The name of my blog is inspired by the band The Stone Roses, I love their sound and a-lot of the music originating from Manchester.  Your Star Will Shine is a beautiful song and one of my favourites.  Here it is below-

I hope to write about a range of things.  Main interest is in reading. Nothing I enjoy more than delving into a good book. Look to write posts reviewing books I've read/am reading.  I have joined up with the classics club and have a goal to read a specific number of classic novels.  I'll use this blog to post up reviews of those books read and also tasks posted up by the club. 

I am a really quiet person.  Right country bumpkin (as a child was afraid of escalators!) and love the outdoors, hiking in particular but don't get the chance as much these days.  Was brought up in Highland Perthshire in a small town called Pitlochry.  I studied history and anthropology at Aberdeen University, a great city.  I hope to go back to my studies sometime or else take up Open University.  Miss learning, history especially.  This blog will probably turn out to be a real mixture of things, as well as what has been mentioned I enjoy cooking and baking. 

Look forward to getting going and to know people within the blogging community.  

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